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Who We Are

Dobo’s Delights is Piqua’s only independent, full-service retail bakery, currently located at 417 N. Main St., in downtown Piqua, Ohio. In January 2002 we moved to Main Street.  The bakery is owned by Cindy Dobo.

Our Mission:

For over 10 years Dobo’s Delights has provided quality baked goods to the people of Piqua and Miami County in west-central Ohio.  With the phenomenal growth of the internet, communication and computer technologies, we are now able to expand our customer reach to nearly anyone, anywhere.   At home and on the web, we resolve to preserve the traditions of the independent “hometown” bakery in three important ways:

  1. Quality Products – Dobo’s Delights makes products that are quite simply better than those of our “competition”.  Better recipes, better ingredients, and hand crafted production methods result in a superior product.  We work hard to make sure our products are the best in the area.  Further, Dobo’s Delights provides a unique selection of goods, many of which are not found in groceries or mall chain stores.
  2. Pleasant Environment – A visit to Dobo’s is a pleasurable event.  Most of our customers have been coming in for years, and tell us stories of when they came in as children.  They are greeted with a friendly smile, not because it’s “company policy”, but because we and our employees are genuinely happy to be working for you.  Part of the charm of Dobo’s Delights is that it has evolved for many years and many generations of owners and customers.  Although it is hard to extend that old-fashioned hominess to the modern day internet, we hope that this website will at least provide you with a pleasant ‘surfing’ experience.
  3. Customer Service – Dobo’s Delights makes the extra effort to give the customer what they want, when they want it.  We take custom orders, will try new recipes, and try our best to take last minute orders when most other bakeries would decline.  There isn’t an order too big or too small; you will always receive our best. Whether you’ve been planning for months or minutes we’ve got your dessert needs covered.

Owner’s Info

Cindy Dobo

Welcome to my bakery. I am one of those few lucky people that know what they want to do and are doing what they love in life. Thank you to all my customers that make this possible. I started baking from my home as early as I can remember with my mom. I started Dobo’s Delights when I was in the 7th grade. I soon realized baking was my talent and passion. I hope to share with you my love of baking and help you bring back memories of childhood flavors and create new traditions and memories for your families now. Drop in and enjoy the experience of a hometown bakery.