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Wedding Cake Planning

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Some things to think about when choosing your cake:

When doing you Wedding Cake Planning the most important consideration to make when designing your cake is personality — this cake is a symbol of the union of you and your fiancé. Let it serve as a ‘marriage’ of your individual tastes.

Here are some other points to consider:

Late spring and early fall are the most popular wedding seasons. It is best to order your cake two to three months in advance, [but we have been known to do a cake with only a weeks notice]!

How many guests will be attending? Cake sizes and number of tiers are normally determined by servings. Price is determined by number of servings, but varies with the complexity of the design.

Will you be picking the cake up, or have it delivered? Delivery can include setup of the cake, and arrangement of flowers, table decorations, plates & napkins, etc. as well.

Would you like to have candies or cookies to accompany the cake, or as table favors?

These questions and more will be asked by our design consultant, who can offer suggestions to help you along.